Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Beary Long Hibernation

As it's almost mango time again I thought I'd better come out of hibernation!!  Goodness gracious how time does fly but I must say I have enjoyed the break from bear making and with that came the chance to explore   some new ideas and sort out some old stash that has been waiting for attention.  I have become involved with a wonderful group called Knit-a-Square who work very hard to help and support kids orphaned by Aids in South Africa.  Please click on KAS to find out more about their work.  Since I joined the group late last year I've had a great time breaking into my treasured yarn stash, (some of which was over 30 years old would you believe !!!) and knitting up a storm. It has been a lot of fun putting my stash to good use and creating simple but cosy garments and squares.  Please check out their website, you might have a yarn stash that could help the kids too.  I also visited South Africa in April and spent a magic four weeks exploring  and travelling there with my daughter and granddaughters.  We went on safari of course and here is a photo of a sweet little ellie we fell in love with and a pair of Cheetah brothers who along with their mother are being monitored as part of a research programme that will eventually see these young males moved and released into a new reserve, the father of these brothers was cruelly taken by poachers.

After getting back into the swing of things after our trip,  I decided it was time for a big clean up and a new outlook .... so I  moved my work room back into the main house.  Phew! what a business but I'm glad I did it and I'm enjoying the new space and getting into bear making again.
I've always loved the old Australian teds in my collection and in particular a little Emil design made around  1945 - 1950. He's very sweet and obviously much loved by a previous owner who at some time gave him little pink eye brows no doubt with mums lipstick! it just adds to his charm.  Anyway I decided to use him as a model for some new designs I wanted to try.  I'm still working on these but here is a picture of 'Emil' and one of the teds he has inspired ... a work in progress.

and last but not least we are still enjoying last years mangoes ... they do freeze beautifully :-) 

Cheers for now, Robyn.


  1. Ahhh Robyn, welcome back to blogland. I have missed you dear friend! But it sounds like you have been busy and your trip sounds fab! Wish we could grow mangoes.......I have happy memories from our trip to North Q'land a few years back, sitting in our camper wondering what was falling onto the roof......very ripe mangoes!!! The best I'd ever tasted, they were funny little things but they sure did pack some flavour....I'm jealous.


  2. Hello Linda, how lovely to find your comment here! Yes I agree those little 'wild' mangoes are truly the best. I often think of you in Tassie, we loved it there and in our camper too eating your fabulous cherries!

  3. It is nice to hear from you Robyn. It sounds like a wonderful holiday, with great pictures. Love your new bear.

  4. Welcome back Robyn! Missed hearing you for ages.That would be great for those who are needed in warmth and a sense of caring.


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