Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mango Time

It is very warm and still here today and the humidity has been slowly building over the last couple of weeks towards our wet season ... but it also means our mangoes are nearly ready to pick ... that is if those pesky flying foxes leave some for us !

We've had a pretty good crop set this year and their beautiful pink blush just makes your mouth water. I enjoyed a successful Christmas Treasures on line show last weekend, with 2 teds off to the US and the other two here in Aus.  Daphne Blau of Teddies Worldwide did a great job in presenting this show and it was a real pleasure to take part in it!  The Sydney Teddy Bear Fair in   March 2012 is the next date on my calender and I've already got some plans and work in progress for that.  My work space was in such a shamozzle after last minute finishing for the Treasures show that I had to spend a day getting things back in some sort of order.  The doggies love keeping me company there and can generally be found all asleep under my sewing desk so they were quite surprised by all the cleaning up.  As I type our resident Green Tree Frogs have started to call so it must be going to rain again soon ... last night they were so loud we couldn't hear the news on the telly!  In a couple of weeks some of our family are heading south for Christmas, so we are having our Christmas get together before they go ... which means I better get busy with Christmas fare pronto!!!
Cheers for now and happy bearing, Robyn.


  1. Hey Robyn

    Great trees, can't wait for ours to grow. We have about 6 mangoes on one tree and about 12 on another. I am going to buy mangoes this year so I can make mango sauce and just make a mess of ours by eating them :)


  2. Hi Robyn,
    I'm so pleased you did well in the Treasures show.
    You never really know until the time comes.
    Your mango tree makes my mouth water. I hope you get to eat them and not the flying foxes.

  3. Hey Robyn !!! Congrats on the Show had a peek some amazing bears up for adoption.

    Mangoes yum !! my favourite summer fruit. The pictures just make your mouth water.

    Look forward to catching up with you at the Sydney show.


  4. I loved the show!! Congrats to you!!

    Those mangoes looks Yummie to me!!


  5. Thanks to KJ, Kay, Lyn and Leny , I appreciate your friendly comments !! So far so good with those pesky bats all mangoes still intact !!!

  6. Ciao Robyn,

    grazie, non avevo mai visto albero di mango !

    è un vero piacere guardare tuo Blog !



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