Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Beary Long Hibernation

As it's almost mango time again I thought I'd better come out of hibernation!!  Goodness gracious how time does fly but I must say I have enjoyed the break from bear making and with that came the chance to explore   some new ideas and sort out some old stash that has been waiting for attention.  I have become involved with a wonderful group called Knit-a-Square who work very hard to help and support kids orphaned by Aids in South Africa.  Please click on KAS to find out more about their work.  Since I joined the group late last year I've had a great time breaking into my treasured yarn stash, (some of which was over 30 years old would you believe !!!) and knitting up a storm. It has been a lot of fun putting my stash to good use and creating simple but cosy garments and squares.  Please check out their website, you might have a yarn stash that could help the kids too.  I also visited South Africa in April and spent a magic four weeks exploring  and travelling there with my daughter and granddaughters.  We went on safari of course and here is a photo of a sweet little ellie we fell in love with and a pair of Cheetah brothers who along with their mother are being monitored as part of a research programme that will eventually see these young males moved and released into a new reserve, the father of these brothers was cruelly taken by poachers.

After getting back into the swing of things after our trip,  I decided it was time for a big clean up and a new outlook .... so I  moved my work room back into the main house.  Phew! what a business but I'm glad I did it and I'm enjoying the new space and getting into bear making again.
I've always loved the old Australian teds in my collection and in particular a little Emil design made around  1945 - 1950. He's very sweet and obviously much loved by a previous owner who at some time gave him little pink eye brows no doubt with mums lipstick! it just adds to his charm.  Anyway I decided to use him as a model for some new designs I wanted to try.  I'm still working on these but here is a picture of 'Emil' and one of the teds he has inspired ... a work in progress.

and last but not least we are still enjoying last years mangoes ... they do freeze beautifully :-) 

Cheers for now, Robyn.