Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time Flies

Well I can't believe how quickly a month has flown by since I last wrote here !  We have had the computer down for a couple of weeks ... and still not working to full capacity while we wait for a new part ... but thankfully able to operate in a limited way.  'Not Often Seen Family' came visiting too which was very jolli !  On to teds ... I thought I would show you my latest Nanuk  with an open mouth.   I followed Linda Bensons instructions for open mouth design which was a great article in Australian Bear Creations magazine (volume 14/number 1, 2008).  I played around with a few different head mouth combinations but this last one seemed to work best.  Linda's step by step instructions in the magazine article are clear and well written and I'm looking forward to the next open mouth ted who is all cut out and ready to sew.

It is still a very dry tropic here at the moment ... a little teaser of good tropic rain in the last couple of weeks then swirly drying wind and so back to square one. However the gardenias are flowering like mad and giving the most wonderful perfume ... wafting through the place ... but the ground has that awful crunchy sound underfoot which would'nt be unfamiliar to many in Aus.  I did hear a frog last week when we had a big heavy down pour ... but ofcourse they are not fools and won't start to party unless they are sure the rain will be an on going thing.  I've taken some shots of flowers in my garden at the moment that you may enjoy.









As I type I can hear the Fruit Bats (Flying Foxes) squabbling over the ripe fruit of a native fig growing in our front garden.  I 'm very fond of Flying Foxes ... and have been a carer of injured and orphaned bats for many years.  Of course the mangoes are getting ready to ripen here so there will be a war between the Flying Foxes and the farmers as to who gets what !  The birds left us with 4 mangoes in our tree this year ! generous of them but we reckon those pesky bats will probably clean those up as they did last year and the year before that !

Spectacled Flying Fox mothers and babies in rehab at Batreach

Next time I will have to tell you about our naughty Cockatoos and the passionfruit ! Have a happy week :o)