Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meet Daisy and Ivan



We had a wonderful holiday and along the way came across sweet little Daisy a 1930's Chiltern.  She decided she needed a sea change and now resides with the rest of the gang here in Queensland, which is a long way from Lewes in the UK.
She didn't travel alone however but was in the good company of Ivan, a Pat Murphy 12" gently aged reproduction Ted who also made the journey to warmer climes.

We've had plenty to do here in the garden after six weeks away, but it did feel good to be home again.  The doggies had a great time with their carer while we were away and got a bit spoilt too with extra treats!  and the doggie family has grown since we returned with the addition of a beautiful Black and Tan Cavalier pup, who has been happily causing havoc around the place chewing all manner of things.  Our elderly Cav, also a Daisy, was no longer interested in playing games with poor Tobi, a young Tri Cavalier, so now Tobi has a pal and the two boys are having a great time together.  Daisy dear can now enjoy relaxing just as every princess should ! 

Daisy, Barnaby and Tobi

Just after we returned our computer gave up the ghost, yet again, and was out of action for several weeks and after a new mother board seems to be behaving ok now. We think the high humidity and those pesky little Gekkos cause  havoc with computers here.  I've upgraded my website too since we came home and you might like to take a look, I'd love you to leave a comment for me in my guest book there and finally I'm back in my workroom and working on some new designs. 

Cheers till next time, Robyn.