Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After the Valentine

A big thank you to Sandi Smith, Ess D' Ess, for organising another successful  TBACA  Be My Valentine On-Line Show ( the third).  I have this little person still waiting for her lover ... maybe it's you ? You can see her on my web-site now.


Thanks Sandi , this was a lot of fun and your hard work, to pull it off,  is well appreciated !!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be My Valentine a Sneek Peek

Here is a sneek peek of my three bears who will be ready for adoption at this years third annual TBACA Be My Valentine Online Show. There will be 32 International and Australian artists participating and definitely a show NOT to be missed!  The show will open on Friday 11th February at 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time, and closes Monday 14th February at 8pm Australian Daylight Saving time.
A little footnote about Cyclone Yasi
Our garden has taken a bruising, but other than that everything else here is intact after cyclone Yasi belted into the Queensland coast with the eye crossing the coast about 150 to 200 kilometers south of us last Wednesday night and rated a category five as it did so.  It is heart breaking to see the damage so many have suffered who were in the direct path of Yasi and it will certainly be a very long recovery road, and some may never recover.  We were very well informed about Yasi  and were preparing three days before the cyclone arrived but nothing can really prepare you for the incredible power a system like that has.  Here's hoping there are no more like that in the pipeline but we have been told we could expect another within the next two months. Miraculously all the little birds are back in business in our garden and the bad weather has brought on a flush of beautiful Birdwing and Ulysses Butterflies !!! Amazing !  we have their caterpillar food plants growing in our garden.

Cairns Birdwing


and thank you to my friends for their kind thoughts and words of support during our Yasi experience.
Beary best wishes, Robyn.