Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well I am sad to say I made a complete mess of my little panda's black eye patches.  I decided to use fabric pens to colour them and ofcourse when the pen slipped on one eye and I tried to rectify the mark it left,  all went askew !!!
 Whoops indeed ! Needless to say after my efforts to remove the colour from the cotton backing the poor fellow has ended up with two big ' bruised blue' looking eye stains!  So I have cut out another head but this time I'm going to sew his patches in...even though his head is rather small I'm hoping it will work. In my efforts I discovered that Copic Colorless Blender used straight from the refill bottle with a small paint brush caused the black ink to disperse through the cotton backing in a rather nice way so am going to play around with his poor little head, so to speak, and see what other colours etc. might do.


Another OOPS! moment happened this last week when my husband took some visitors out fishing. They couldn't go out to the Reef  because of very rough seas so they chose to do a spot of fishing in the rivers.  As they drifted along Moon Creek fishing close to the bank one of the fellows spotted a Cocodile.  The Croc was around 7 foot long (2.1m) and ofcourse perfectly still with it's mouth agape enjoying a bit of sunshine, as you do, if your a croc and the season is cooling down.

The trouble was the visitors didn't believe he was real and thought he was a plastic Croc put there to scare the tourists ! ROFL !!!  It just so happened as they drifted closer to him one of the fellows in the boat caught a fish and in the process of landing the fish ended up about 5 feet (1.5m) from the Croc who promptly charged in with it's eye on the fish and possibly the fishers too! Well that put and end to any plastic Croc stories and made them realize just how careful you need to be when messing about in boats in Croc country !

And last but not least another OOPS moment as time is fast running out before we leave next Tuesday for a far flung five week holiday.  I have a few teds cut out ready to sew along the way and a very new and natty  little notebook laptop so I can keep in touch with home AND also join in and enjoy the ACD Awards and the TBACA online Fantasy Ball  don't miss it.

Enjoy your week


  1. Ooooops moments can be very frustrating, but also very productive. Enjoy your copic experiments, Robyn and you trip. Where are you heading?

  2. Scotland and Wales then a wedding in England, a little hop over the channel and then home. I'm hoping to visit the Stratford Teddy Bear Artist Event... 6th June...(day after my birthday) to see Ruths wonderful work in the flesh ! fingers crossed !!

  3. Aww, I've a feeling that despite the 'oops' that bear is still going to be cute as heck!

  4. Never mind Robyn, little ooops moments can often turn into big discoveries...stick with the head and see where it leads you.

    Have a great trip, enjoy your birthday and the Stratford show.

    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. Oh, I hope you are able to save the bear's head--he has such a gorgeous face! Enjoy your trip!

    ~Debora, New Avenue Crew


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