Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lots Of Rain

 Heres a photo of a corner of our front garden in a very wet state ... waiting to see what low rated cyclone Olga was going to do ! Lot's of people in the supermarkets here buying noodles and such like food ...being prepared ? ! Our power did go out for a short time ... but not long enough for the fridge to defrost !  (we did buy a generator after Larry so we were feeling pretty independant until we discovered we didn't have enough fuel to run the b..... thing!).  Well she moved south and caused a lot of havoc there too, good havoc generally with a lot of rain, maybe too much in some places because some people lost their lives, swept away in sudden flood waters while enjoying a simple picnic in a perceived safe spot and in contrast a year to the day of the terrible fires in Victoria which no Australian will ever forget ! What an amazing and beautiful country we live in!!!


  1. We have had heaps of rain too. Fortunately we are up high so it all runs off. At least the water tanks are full , the Obi Obi Creek is flowing and the platypus are back.

  2. I can almost see the rain coming down from the sky in your photo. It gives the feeling of being there. I hope you manage to stay dry and safe, of course!


  3. Send some down to Tassie, Robyn, we sure could use a good drop! We've had it warm here, including the nights which usually get reasonably cold, even in mid-Summer. We have Mozzies :( Aaaaargh!!!

  4. Would love to send some your way Linda but will keep FNQ mozzies here as i see you have your very own in Tas! I am surprised by that I would not have thought horrid mozzies would be a nuisance down your way!

  5. Hi Robyn, just letting you know that you won one of my giveaways :)Can you email me with your postal address so that I can send it up to you? Hugs x

  6. Good heavens i can't believe it! WOW ... how good is that ! Yes Linda emailing address immediately!!!


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